Our Story

Hi and Welcome! I'm Samantha,
Joey, my love since High School is the creator of most of our projects you see on the site!

We love to design and create!
Our specialty isn't specific to one thing. We use many mediums when we create our art.

What started as a little hobby we could enjoy as a family turned to someone liking what we did and buying it!
Wow! we can actually make money from this?

We've always been a crafty couple and we love yard sales and flea markets. Taking old things and making them look better or new again gave a new meaning
to - "One Mans Trash is another Mans Treasure."

Welding runs in Joye's family. He has been in a welding shop since he was a young boy.
It wasn't until he had a Job at an ornamental Wrought Iron shop for a short time for him to realize how much he loved this part of the welding world. Making something so strong and solid to something elegant and beautiful that will last a lifetime! He still amazes me.

Woodworking runs in my family. When it came to wood projects or builders, my family was creating homes and custom pieces for families to keep for years to come.
It didn't take Joey long to find an appreciation and love for wood working as well.

Here comes the "Name Drop"!

This is why the name "Iron Tree Customs" is so fitting for our little company.

Meet the Husband and Wife Team

We are passionate about what we do and we want to share it with you.

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Samantha Soncrant


People Specialist and your first point of contact.
I am here  to make sure the client is happy and is informed of the progress of the project.


Joey Soncrant


Fabricator and Artist.
I will bring your project to life.  I love working with metal and making something spectacular you will cherish for years.

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